How Do You Review Wedding Photographers?


A wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in the lives of two people – and their family and friends. The amount of planning, not to mention expense that goes into hosting a wedding and ensuring that everyone leaves the occasion with the same sorts of positive feelings as those of the bride and groom mean that every single element must be meticulously examined and only the best suppliers be chosen to make the event go as smoothly as possible.

The planning needs to start well in advance of the date of the special event and it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the planners are able to select from a wide range of service providers including caterers and entertainers and that all important wedding photographer.

The job of the wedding photographer may have changed over the years. New digital technology makes it easier than ever before to took enormous numbers of photographs at a far lower cost than has traditionally been the case.

However, one thing has not changed – it is essential to review the past activities that the wedding photographer has been involved in and obtain a good idea of just how professional they are. When it comes to a wedding there are no ‘do-overs’ – the photographer has to be trusted to get everything right the first time – this is not a job for an amateur.

So when planners are selecting which wedding photographer to choose what are the sorts of things that they need to pay extra special attention to when reviewing the work and offerings of the various photographers?

1. The ever important portfolio. If the photographer that you are reviewing does not have an extensive portfolio of work then chances are he or she may not be the right choice. Always insist on seeing an extensive portfolio.


2. Ask for references. Weddings are a once in a lifetime chance for the bride and groom and the rest of the family and friends to really shine on an extra special occasion. The best indication that you will be getting a wedding photographer who really is at the top of their game is to insist of obtaining contactable references like this ( These are people who can give you some insight into the professionalism of the photographer that you are considering.

3. Ask for a written quote. There are many people who have gotten the shock of their lives when presented with the invoice for the work of the wedding photographer. Always ask for a detailed quotation, including the number of prints that you will receive, the cost of the digital media and especially important just how many hours the wedding photographer is quoting for. It’s also a great idea to get an idea of whether or not they will be charging you for travel expenses.

Start planning far in advance and reviewing the websites of professional wedding photographers. In fact, it’s never too early to start the review process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for the photographer to remove stress – not add to it.

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